Prenatal Massage

Pregnant women may experience stress and pain as their body goes through changes and they prepare their lives for a growing family. My pregnancy massage for women in their second and third trimesters is a custom 60-minute session done in a side-lying position with pillows or cushions to provide support and comfort while reducing pressure on the abdomen. This massage works on specific areas of concern for the pregnant body and avoids others that might be harmful to the mother and baby. This session includes, but is not limited to, working the intercostal muscles of the rib cage to help accommodate it as it goes through profound changes, helping relieve aches and pains of your sacral and gluteal areas as the hips stretch to prepare for birth, and provide gentle rocking of the occiput (base of the skull) to help the Vagus nerve do its best to relieve stress and promote rest. Also available as a gift certificate. What a wonderful way to say you care about the well-being of both mother and child! "I would recommend the prenatal massage to all expecting moms! I wish I would have gotten one during my first pregnancy and wish I wouldn't have waited so long to get one this time around. Carmen was amazing and the whole experience was so relaxing. My back and even energy levels have improved so much since my session. I can't wait for another!" – Hayley