Deep Tissue & More

Deep Tissue Massage:

Working within your comfort level, our deep tissue massage will warm the superficial muscles and dive deeper into underlying soft tissues. Trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and advanced stretching techniques are offered for the whole body. Available in 60-, 90- and 120-minute sessions.

Sports Massage:

My 90-minute sports massage is a deep-tissue customized experience providing a variety of massage techniques designed to help you with a better range of motion, giving blood/nutrient flow to the major muscle groups for your activity & strength for performance. If you’ve got an injury that is not currently inflamed, I can help you manage the pain and help your body restore proper function. Advise me whether you want the massage to be pre-event or post-event (with or without injury). It is particularly significant for those with active lifestyles who want to get ahead of injuries, maintain muscle function, and manage pain & tension.

Cleopatra’s Indulgence Massage (A two-hour deep-tissue luxury massage experience):

Close your eyes and imagine you are Cleopatra (or a Pharaoh King) back in ancient Egypt. Skilled hands glide ceremoniously prepared oil, infused with exotic Frankincense, over your vessel and penetrate deeply into soft tissue. A bamboo stick glides over royal shoulders, often carrying the weight of one who rules an immense Queendom. Ancient aromas steaming from hot towels fill your senses and bring anticipation of their warm cleansing. Feel the coolness of Jade stones on your face, a smooth one softening brows and tension, then a textured one used with friction to call royal blood back to the surface. A coarse sea-salt glow scrubbed into tired feet sheds old skin like an asp. Sounds of thunder rumble through the air as your therapist, "devoted servant," prepares the rejuvenating aloe wrappings around your desert-dry feet, reminding you that you are no mortal and not a mummy today. Avoid snakes and politics, and treat yourself like a Queen (or King) with this massage that will indulge your royal senses. I also offer therapeutic massage and pregnancy massage. For more information about my services, contact Revolutionary Touch Therapy today!

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